A site that brings you a clear and regularly updated list for those in immediate need for basic essentials in Los Angeles


***UPDATED AS OF JUNE 19TH, 2020***

THIS WEBSITE IS OFFICIALLY OUTDATED. Unfortunately our sources to get you rapid updates have been officially cut off. At this moment, the best place for resources is here:

*In the map, be sure to delineate between shelters and testing sites by selecting the tiny arrow/box on the upper left of the map to view your options.

This list/map is updated every two days and is currently the most updated published list of COVID shelters with OPEN BEDS AVAILABLE in Los Angeles. Call ANY recreation center directly and they can update you to which sites have beds open on an HOURLY basis.

Please use for your own needs and share with anyone needing immediate shelter. Numbers are in the map or shared in the drop down menu below.

*I am adding the following three disclaimers:

1) If one site goes to voicemail, you can call another site and ask for help. Let them know you've reached a voicemail and they will find you a secondary number to call.

2) There have been filed complaints and concerns on the ethical behavior of those staffing these shelters: such as insensitive staff behavior in handling the intake and certain sites or of lack of sanitation precautions. I have heard this first-hand from individuals seeking housing. If you are seeking immediate housing and are dealing with trauma, please be aware of this when you call.

3) These shelters have a 7am-8pm "in-n-out" policy with an 8pm curfew to keep your bed.


***Call ahead to check if beds available are for male or female***

109th Street Rec Center; 1464 East 109th St., Los Angeles, CA 90059 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(323) 566-4561

Alpine Recreation Center; 817 Yale St, Los Angeles, CA 90012 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(213) 485-5448

Central Park Rec Center; 1357 E 22nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90011 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(213) 485-4435

Denker Rec Center; 1550 W 35th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90018 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(323) 733-8367

Downey Recreation Center; 1772 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90031 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(323) 225-7100

Echo Park Rec Center; 1632 Bellevue Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(213) 250-3578

Green Meadows Rec Center; 431 E 89th St, Los Angeles, CA 90003 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(323) 565-4242

Hollywood Rec Center; 1122 Cole Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(323) 467-6847

La Fayette Recreation Center; 625 S Lafayette Park Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90057 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(213) 384-0562

Normandale Rec Center; 22400 Halldale Ave, Torrance, CA 90501 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(310) 328-3689

Northridge Recreation Center; 18300 Lemarsh St., Northridge, CA 91325 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(818) 349-7341

Pecan Recreation Center; 145 S. Pecan St., Los Angeles, CA 90033 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(323) 262-2736

Petit Park Granada Hills Rec Center; 16730 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, CA 91344 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(818) 363-3556

St. Andrews Place Center; 8701 S St Andrews Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90047 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(213) 485-1751

Valley Plaza Rec Center; 12240 Archwood St., North Hollywood, CA 91606 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(818) 765-5885

Woodland Hills Rec Center; 5858 Shoup Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(818) 883-9370

Westwood Rec Center; 1350 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(310) 473-3610

Yosemite Rec Center; 1840 Yosemite Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90041 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(323) 257-1644

Cheviot Hills Rec Center; 2551 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(310) 837-5186

North Hollywood Rec Center; 11430 Chandler Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(818) 763-7651

Pan Pacific Rec Center; 7600 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(323) 939-8874

Shatto Rec Center; 3191 W. 4th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020 - OPEN BEDS: must call

(213) 386-8877


***UPDATED AS OF APRIL 17th, 2020***

This is a resource list supplied by LAHSA (Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority). Scroll down for West, Metro, South Bay & South Los Angeles locations.

*TIP*: Schools that are serving Grab&Go meals "Eligible for Students" WILL NOT TURN ANYONE AWAY. This means any seniors, adults, young adults, families can access these resources no matter what. Please only utilize Student resources if URGENT as to not exhaust resources for school children.

Click the image above to take you to the LAHSA Food & Grocery Programs pdf.


Here is a flyer with quick reminders on how to best protect yourself and others. Please always assume as if YOU are contagious as well as those around you. Yet please always spread love, support and awareness to others in these trying times.

**This site understands and acknowledges the following:

  • "Wash your hands" has a different meaning for those unable to access hand washing stations and basic hygiene needs. If you would like to see efforts being made to combat this dilemma, click here.

  • "Keep your distance" has a different meaning when the only available shelter is a communal space. IF you are in a tent, try to sleep head to toe to limit exposure. IF you are in a shelter, please know that those working the shelters are doing their best to adapt to COVID-19 guidelines. If you would like to read them, click here.

  • "Stay home" has a different meaning to those with no home to stay in. Please consider checking the emergency shelters above.

***Also know that "Project Room-key", an effort to shelter individuals in motel and hotel rooms IS underway, yet is quite complex to access. We are working on finding faster access and information, we will update ASAP.

TO THIS DAY only specialty outreach teams can refer individuals to receive a voucher. These teams must make contact with the individual through CES (Coordinated Outreach System), through LAHSA's la-hop portal and emergency rooms in hospitals.

(Information coming soon regarding donated masks for those living through homelessness.)

For those that are visual learners and prefer videos, please browse CDC's (Centers for Disease Control) Youtube channel for informative videos on prevention, making your own DIY face mask and much more.

Click the image above to take you to the CDC's Youtube channel.


***UPDATED AS OF MARCH 27TH, 2020***

*Be sure to delineate between shelters and testing sites by selecting the tiny arrow/box on the upper left of the map to view your options.

Please use for your own needs and share with anyone needing immediate testing. We will be seeking more information to add ASAP.


Crenshaw Christian Center; 7901 Vermont Ave, Los Angeles (RD 1265)

Hansen Dam; 11798 Foothill Blvd, Sunland (RD1634)

Jackie Robinson stadium; 100 Constitution Ave, Los Angeles (RD 814)

Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center; 1700 Stadium Way, Los Angeles (RD 101)

Los Angeles Christian Health Centers - Joshua House Clinic; 311 Winston St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Gladys Park; 808 E 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021


For more info on efforts to bring arts, music and wellness to Skid Row, to those with lived experience of homelessness, and anybody in need due to these trying times, click the button below.

Please share this site and its resources with all of Los Angeles.

Thank you, Leeav.

Other Clear and Useful Resources for Los Angeles:

*please note that LAHSA combined with 211 is struggling to run the shelters and emergency relief programs as well as keep their communications up to date. Some of the information at these links are outdated even if you phone their call centers...This was one of the reasons why this site (SKID ROW & HOMELESSNESS COVID-19 RESOURCES) has been created.